05/09/2016 - FileTools 1.1.1 Update Available

FileTools v1.1.1 has fixes and new features.

23/07/2016 - DesktopInfo 1.0 Released

DesktopInfo renders customisable information onto your desktop image for quick and easy reference.

13/06/2016 - FileTools Updated to 1.1

FileTools v1.1 introduces lots of new features.

05/03/2016 - FileTools 1.0.3 Update

FileTools v1.0.3 adds new features and improvements.

27/01/2016 - StorageCalculator Update

The StorageCalculator now allows you to define a custom frame size.

21/01/2016 - FileTools 1.0.2 Update

FileTools v1.0.2 includes many improvements and fixes.

22/09/2015 - BitSafe 1.6.1 Released

BitSafe 1.6.1 brings new features and improvements. The web browser extension has also been updated to v1.3.

08/01/2016 - FileTools Update

FileTools has been updated to v1.0.1. This release includes some minor bug fixes and improvements.

05/01/2016 - StorageCalculator Update

The StorageCalculator now includes 16-bit uncompressed formats.

30/11/2015 - FileTools

New app FileTools is available on the App Store now. FileTools is a flexible and powerful suite of tools for easily performing a wide variety of file wrangling and processing tasks.