FileTools ManifestSplitter is intended as a companion tool for FileTools. The most commonly asked question about FileTools has been if it is possible to create individual checksum files with the ChecksumTool. Unfortunately, macOS's sandboxing feature (which is a requirement for release on the Mac App Store) does not permit FileTools to create checksum files for each individual file that it scans. That means the only ways to do this are for the user to manually scan each file individually (which quickly becomes impractical) or to setup a watch directory task to copy all the files and create checksum files for them as it verifies.

ManifestSplitter is designed to fill this gap. Because it is distributed outside the Mac App Store, it is not subject to the Sandboxing requirement. It takes a manifest file for drive or directory structure and creates individual checksum files, such as those created by FileTools' ChecksumTool. It can then use this manifest as the basis to create individual checksum files and save them next to the relevant files.

It assumes that the manifest file is either stored next to a directory with a matching name (e.g. "images.md5" next to directory called "images"), or if that directory does not exist, that the manifest applies to the directory it is inside. If these assumptions are not correct, you can manually set the base \ directory in the GUI.

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Requires macOS 10.11.x (El Capitan) or higher.

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