Quaver is a utility to assist composers and recording engineers with some maths and musical theory. It features a number of tabs, each dedicated to a particular task. The first deals with tempo, and calculates the delay times and oscilator frequencies that match a particular tempo. This tab also features a metronome. The second tab calculates the relationship between MIDI notes, their fundamental frequencies and their names. The third tab assists you in identifying the notes of a given scale (or mode) and working out how to draw the corresponding key signature. A fourth tab is for converting durations between samples and milliseconds.

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Available on the Mac App Store Available on the App Store Quaver for Macintosh requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher.
Quaver for iOS requires iOS 8.0 or higher and works on all devices.
Both versions of Quaver are available now for £0.99 / €1.09 / $0.99.


Current version: 1.5:
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New in version 1.3:
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New in version 1.2:

New in version 1.1:

New in version 1.0:
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