FileToolsManifestSplitter is a small app which can take a manifest file and split it into individual checksum files, saving each next to the file to which it relates.

FileTools DirectoryWatcherAssistant

FileToolsDirectoryWatcherAssistant is a companion app for FileTools. It adds extra capabilities to the DirectoryWatcher feature of FileTools.

BitSafeArchiver LE

BitSafeArchiver LE allows you to open BitSafe Archive files without owning either BitSafe or BitSafeArchiver.


PreferenceCleaner is a utility for deleting corrupt preference files from your Mac. Corrupt preferences can be the cause of all sorts of problems, and finding them manually is not always easy. PreferenceCleaner can automatically hunt down the preference files associated with an application and delete them. It can also delete the preferences for a wide range of operating system components. Its PreferencePackager helps with migrating settings between systems.


DesktopInfo gathers information about your Mac and renders it onto your desktop image. The information and layout are fully customisable, while documentation and examples are included.


This online tool calculates the storage that will be required for given durations of video and audio media in different codecs and formats.


A handy online tool for translating the colour-coded stripes on resistors into their corresponding numerical values.


Create HTML formatted tables automatically from data in CSV files.