07/03/2022 - BitSafeArchiver 1.5 Released

BitSafeArchiver 1.5 is a Universal Binary.

07/03/2022 - BitSafe 1.13.7 Available Now

BitSafe 1.13.7 has various improvements and fixes.

02/03/2022 - FileTools 1.5.7 Out Now

FileTools 1.5.7 is now a Universal Binary.

12/02/2022 - StorageCalculator 1.1.4 Released

The latest version of the StorageCalculator app allows you to filter codecs by name to make them easier to find.

03/02/2022 - StorageCalculator 1.1.3 Released

The online StorageCalculator and updated app for iOS have support for EOS 5D mark III and mark IV codecs.

07/09/2020 - BitSafe Browser Extension Updated

The BitSafe browser extensions for Firefox and Opera have been updated.

21/07/2020 - DesktopInfo updated to 1.2.3

DesktopInfo is now a Universal Binary.

20/07/2020 - BitSafe 1.13.6 Available for macOS and iOS

BitSafe 1.13.6 allows you to store more data about your bank accounts.

05/08/2021 - FileTools 1.5.6 Released

FileTools 1.5.6 adds additional email functionality.

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